Brian Comolli Gallery

Brian Comolli

Hendersonville, North Carolina

Therapist by trade wood turner by passion!!

It wasn't since junior high that Brian had thought any about woodturning. Christmas 2014 after family dinner at Grove Park Inn his son said he had a present for him in his car trunk. It was a small Jet wood lathe. This unleashed a hidden addiction that was to become a daily adventure. Brian began turning every day as the mistake pile grew faster than the completed work. YouTube became his go to TV show. He would watch a veteran turner, seemingly in minutes, turn out a beautiful bowl, vase, or platter and he would head for the little 10x10 shop to have a go at it. Brian has always been grateful for every piece thrown into the burn pile because it drove him to stretch himself and hone his skills.

He is on his 3rd new lathe and built a new work shop at his home in Hendersonville, complete with the tools of the trade. He is passionate about turning wood and growing in the art every day. He admits he has much to learn but remains teachable from the many skilled wood turners throughout the world brought into his home through the internet. One very bright spot is the encouragement from his best friend and wife Kelli, pushing him to keep going and stretching himself with yet unlearned skills and how she seems to glow when he brings in his latest project saying, "that's the best one yet". It humbles him to have a piece of his work in someone's home. He prays to have the opportunity to grace the homes of many who will appreciate the time, love and work that went into each and every piece of art!

Brian Comolli