Whitney Designs Jewelry

John and Linda Whitney

Sarasota, Florida

John and Linda Whitney have been making jewelry since 1970. John studied sculpture and silver-smithing at the University of Kansas. Linda is delightfully self-taught except for a few helpful hints from John.

The Whitneys' jewelry is found in museum shops and fine craft galleries throughout the United States and Canada. Linda and John have participated in major craft shows, including the early ACE shows in Bennington, Vermont and Rhinebeck, New York; they have exhibited with craft guilds in West Virginia and North Carolina.

Their work is executed in mixed metals and polymer clay. Ancient heat patinas are applied to nickel silver, brass and copper. The jewelry requires very little care; however, the metal will maintain its finish best if wiped gently with a jewelry polishing cloth after being handled. The polymer clay does not require cleaning.

Care Instructions: "Daily wear of brass, copper, silver and nickel silver will result in tarnishing from oils on the skin to splatterings from hand washing, etc. The piece can be wiped with a jeweler's cloth after wearing to help prevent this."